Secrets of the male ‘Strictly’ dancers

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Blackpool Tower BallroomAs promised from our previous blog post, we thought we’d take you on another glimpse behind the scenes at Strictly Come Dancing and provide you with some little known facts about some of the professional dancers. As we took a look at the females earlier, this time we will be focusing on the professional male dancers as they spill the beans on some of their secrets. Who knows, all this talk of Strictly Come Dancing, may tempt you on coach holidays to this fabulous tour when it hits the road next year…

Anton du Beke (was dancing with Nancy Dell’Olio till voted out)
It has to be said that Anton is one of the favourites in the show and has a huge following of fans but did you know, he doesn’t drink and he can do a back-flip (although he has never performed one on live TV)!

Brendan Cole (dancing with Lulu)
Rumours have it that Lulu wasn’t very impressed about being paired up with Brendan (fames for his illegal lifts) but I think as the series has gone on, she’s started to warm to him more. It would appear that our Brendan is a rather talented young man! Before he became a professional dancer he used to make costumes, build houses, construct patios and create & choreograph his very own show called ‘Brendan Cole Live and Unjudged’.

Artem Chigvintsev (dancing with Holly Vallance)
Last year’s Strictly champion (he won with dance partner Kara Tointon) is a fan of the adrenalin rush when he’s not dancing. Artem loves car racing and has a huge respect for drivers such as Schumacher and Hamilton. He once took part in street car racing whilst out in LA – very Fast Furious don’t you think?

Robin Windsor (dancing with Anita Dobson)
Not only is Robin dancing magnificently with Anita, he also has a wide range of talents that apparently cannot be published (our minds wonder huh)? The only thing he will admit to is that he used to be able to play the bassoon as a kid. Do you reckon this could make an appearance as one of their dancing props?

Pasha Kovalev (dancing with Chelsee Healey)
The joy on Pasha’s face was a picture to keep when he scored this season’s first 10 with his wonderfully choreographed routine with Chelsee. But did you know that he once appeared in the final of So You Think You Can Dance?

Vincent Simone (was dancing with Edwina Currie till voted out)
Not only is this guy a talented dancer, he also happens to be a whizz-kid when it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He dreams of one day, when he gives up dancing, to have his own Cookery Show and take over the world. His signature dish is Tagliatelle Carbonara – mamma mia, we hear you cry!

James Jordan (dancing with Alex James)
James is a little mysterious when it comes to revealing his secret talent and some of them are a little to risqué to publish. One thing he will admit to is that one of the female professional dancers, Ola, has got him addicted to watching ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ so his hidden secret is that he has a crush on Essex girls!

Have any of you been to the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour? If so, you must tell us who your favourite dancers are and why…