River Cruise

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HeidelbergThe popularity of a river cruise has been on a constant rise since the last few years. The European cruises are innovating to a whole new level and offering diverse experiences. The vessels which are used for river cruises are very different in shape, size and capacity than the ones used for ocean cruising trips. They are much more compact in size and have capacity to take a number of small people on board.

Therefore, they are much more intimate and there is a better opportunity to socialize within the cruise. Usually, the number of people is around 100-150 people at one time. Travelling by river cruise is ideal for beauty and nature lovers. There are many big decks in all parts of the ship. The cruise usually starts the journey during daytime with the sun shining brightly, making the scene aesthetically appealing to a whole new level.

River cruises are best if you want to travel to various towns, villages and cities within a short duration of time. The cruises are not very expensive as compared to other types of voyages. A good accommodation with meal is available at a very low cost. For those interested in looking for a variety of cuisines, they can always dine out after the ship has moored in the evening.
It is always a good option to go for a river cruise if you are into history and architecture. The journey offers the chance to see some of best architectural and cultural monuments of the world.

Some of the most famous river cruises include:

River Rhine
This is known for the most beautiful scenery in Germany.  It will be an amazing experience to travel on this river.

River Nile
It is indeed only the lucky ones who get the chance to travel by this river. Being the longest river in the world, it is home to many beautiful sights. Some of the most ravishing sights in Egypt are present along the river.

Douro River
This is a famous river in the country side of Portuguese. The travellers will be able to see the beauty and enjoy the serenity of quaint towns and vineyards.

Mississippi River
It is one of the most enthralling experiences ever. The river is especially famous for its allure. It becomes even more vibrant in the fall. The river helps in exploring great new destinations across the US.