Most Haunted: UK

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Jack o LanternWith Halloween almost upon us once again, we thought we would find out a bit more about some of the UK’s spookiest destinations… Known for being some of the most haunted places in the UK, we’re not sure we’re even brave enough to visit at night! Though, if you are wanting to visit you can find a full list of coach holidays UK on our website.


  1. Pluckley, Kent

We chose Pluckley in Kent as it’s not too far from’s offices, we’ve also heard strange things have happened in Pluckley in the past. The village was named the ‘Most Haunted Village in Britain’ in the Guinness World Records in 1989. With rumoured paranormal sightings of a screaming man, a highwayman, a schoolmaster and an old woman sitting on a bridge, the rumoured 12-16 ghosts attract hunters from across the country.


  1. Tower of London, London

When you think of our country’s murky royal history especially the wives of Henry the VIII, the Tower of London is one of the first thoughts that would pop into your mind. The Wakefield Tower is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of Henry VI, meanwhile the White Tower is thought to be haunted by the White Lady. There have also reportedly been sightings of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard who were both executed here.


  1. Aldgate Underground Station, London

Built next to a plague pit, it’s no wonder that Aldgate Station is considered to be one of the most haunted destinations in the UK. There are rumours of a ghost of an old woman who was thought to have been killed in the Blitz, mysterious sounds late at night when the trains are infrequently running and even a story of a ‘black train’.


  1. Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Another contender for most haunted village, Prestbury near the Cotswolds is best known for its famous hooded Black Abbot ghost. He apparently makes three visits a year to the village, at Christmas, Easter and on All Saints’ Day but has also been spotted at funerals in St Mary’s Churchyard.


  1. Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Said to be home to the Phantom Piper, a headless drummer and a ghostly dog, Edinburgh Castle is said to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland. In 2001, a scientific survey was undertaken with 240 volunteers, nearly half said they experienced ghostly behaviour whilst inside!


  1. Borley Rectory, Essex

Borley Rectory in Essex was built on the site of a 12th century church and monastery. Legend has it that a monk from the Rectory fell in love with a nun from a nearby convent. They had plans to elope, but were rumbled before their plans could come into fruition, he was hanged whilst she was buried alive in the vaults beneath the rectory, their ghosts have haunted the Rectory ever since!


  1. Blickling Hall, Norfolk

A former residence of the Boleyn family, Blickling Hall in Norfolk is apparently haunted by Anne Boleyn each year on 19th May (the anniversary of her death). Her headless ghost arrives in a ghostly carriage led by headless horses and horseman – spooky!


That’s about as much spooky goings on that we can handle! Until next year…