Military Event- Queen’s Birthday Parade

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Buckingham PalaceOne of the biggest military events of the year is the Queen’s birthday that is marked by a parade and takes place on Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall. It is important you know that the Queen was born on April 21st but it is a custom to celebrate her birthday during the summer season. The event is highly popular, being attended by 1,400 officials and 400 musicians that are a part of the parade.

Very few people are able to get the tickets for the event and are seated at the stand at the Horse Guards Parade. Most of the people view the ceremony from their TVs and the parade is enjoyed by millions of viewers from all over the world.

The Ceremony

The Queen walks from the Buckingham Palace in a carriage with a Sovereign’s escort of Household Cavalry. Her Majesty arrives exactly at 11 o’clock and takes the Royal Salute from the officers. The bands then perform a musical troop, which is followed by the Regimental Colour that was being trooped is escorted down by the Guards. After this the Household Cavalry and the Foot Guards walk past the Queen and the King’s Troops.

The Queen then goes back to the Palace in her carriage and takes a salute from the dais that is located in front of the palace. Her majesty then joins the Royal Family at the balcony in order to have a look at the fly-past by the Royal Air Force, which takes place at 1.

If you want to get the tickets for the Queen’s Birthday Parade, you will have to apply for it well in advance. You should know that the set limit for the number of tickets per application is three. The prices for the tickets are GBP 30.00 each for Trooping the Colour and GBP 10.00 each for The Colonel’s Review.