London Theatre Coach Trips

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London TheatreWhen it comes to having a fun trip to London, no one can miss the famous theatre breaks and the unforgettable London theatre coach trips. As they say, there’s no business like show business. Nothing could compare to the fun and enjoyment the coach theatre experience offers. There are many other sources of transportation used for the trip but only a coach could refresh parts of London like no other.

These coaches will have you experiencing theatre in such surreal details that you’ll remember each and every part of this trip; where you can enjoy all your favorite West End Shows and musicals of your choice. The fun doesn’t end here; most London coach theatres offer hotel stay, overnight dinners and many more fancy and fun accommodations.  With all the new productions coming in these theaters no one can deny the charm of the old classics. If you are considering spending your weekend on a theatre coach then following are some options from the longest running classics of London Theatre Coach Trips:

Mamma Mia!

Known for not just its cast but also for all the well known musical hits, this theatre show is close to celebrating its 17th anniversary. This 2 hours and 30 minute long show has become the eighth longest running show in the history of Broadway.

Blood Brothers:

Blood Brothers have crossed its 22 years of running in the theatres. The show opened in the year 1988 and is not something you would want to miss.


Another classic musical from 1981, Cats won two Oliver awards for its music and choreography.

The Mousetrap

This theatre show has been running for quite some time. About to make its 60th anniversary, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap is a must watch. No matter how many strings you might have to pull, this theatre show must not be missed.

Act fast and get your tickets because these coach theatre shows do not take long to be sold out.