London Theatre Breaks by Coach – How to Get Tickets for Cheap

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London TheatreIf you are planning to take a mini vacation, you can consider going on London theatre breaks by coach because it is great entertainment for the whole family. Here are some of the tips that will help you to get the tickets for cheap:

Check the Ticket Price from the Theatre

If you are confused about the price, contact the theatre directly because theta way you won’t have to pay the fees to a third party agent.

Check Theatres Other Than West End

West End is great but the issue is that most of the times you don’t get the tickets for the most popular shows. Some of the other theatres that you can check out include the Almeida Theatre, the Bush Theatre, the Finborough Theatre, or the Park Theatre.

Get the Standing Room Ticket

Standing room tickets are often sold at discounted prices without restricting your view.

Opt For the Restrict View Seat

Some of the seats have restricted views where the stage might be slightly obstructed by a beam. You can always check the seating of the theatre map before paying for the ticket.

Get Last Minute Tickets

A lot of theatres offer last minute tickets at discounted prices. If you have time, you can visit different theatres and ask around.

Look for Promotional Codes

Some of the papers publish promotional codes and deals on productions. Read the art section, note them down and use them the next time you go or theatre.

Get Bulk Discount

A lot of shows like The Lion King offer such discounts where each guest in a group of 15 or more can save up to £22 pounds a ticket.

Pick Day Seats

A lot of popular shows have day shows where you can get the tickets for discounted prices.