London Film Events – 7 Reasons to Mark Your Calendar in 2016

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Who doesn’t love the movies, so much drama, so much intrigue. No matter whether they are indie flicks or big budget summer blockbusters, everybody loves a good flick.  When it comes to independent flicks, the following are some film events that you would want to mark your calendar for in 2016. So without any further ado, here goes.

1.     The Cinema Museum

If you ever wanted to find out everything about cinema then The Cinema Museum is that one place where you would do just that. The Cinema Museum started out as a charitable organisation by Martin Humphries and Ronald Grant in 1986. The venue hosts regular talks, movie screenings and live events where key personalities from the film fraternity descend to carry out various workshops and Q&A sessions. It’s safe to say that all of the events that take place at the Cinema Museum are a must-visit mainly because they are a great way of getting to know some of the best of cinema from around the word. All the events provide an excellent opportunity to explore the museum and learn about some fun facts on the movie industry.

2.     Parallel- ICO Art and Cinema Weekend

Beginning from 5th March at Arnoifini, Bristol, Parallel is a mini-festival which focuses on artists’ moving image. This year the event is said to be focused on talks, discussions and screenings of both guest curated programmes and new features films. This year, Parallel is also going to be hosting a public audience along with ICO delegates which will aim to demonstrate some of the techniques and ways in where programming artists’ moving image differs from traditional filmmaking and should be quite a workshop to attend, especially for young and aspiring film makers. Apart from the scheduled screenings and Q&A panels that are going to take place at the event, Parallel also has a training day which is scheduled for 4th March that is mainly for cinema exhibitors who would like to know more about screenings. Those who are interested in the training session can sign up at their official website.

3.     The Misty Moon Film Society- Celebrating the Legendary Fenella Fielding

Fenella Fielding is an English actress who was hugely popular in the 50s and 60s. Known for her distinctively husky voice and her sensual persona, the actress was a star that was destined for greatness. This uniquely talented star will be joined on stage with Simon McKay who is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Carry on Screaming’. The actress will be reading passages from the famous works that inspired the movie and made Fielding a house hold name back in the day. There is also going to be a special screening of the film before the main event and those who want to go will need to get separate tickets to the event. Scheduled for 19th March, the event is going to take place at the Cinema Museum,
2 Dugard Way. Tickets are currently available online.

4.     Framed Film Club 2016

Okay, so this might not be considered as a once-in-a-year type of film events, but the year-round programme offers a treasure trove of information when it comes to films and learning. The Framed Film Club is held each Saturday morning and is a great way for young people to get acquainted with the wondrous world of film. Held at The Barbican Centre, Silk Street London, Framed Film Club is a must-visit for those who would love to enjoy some great film screenings along with other unique programs. For all those who are interested, ticket information is available online. The Barbican, where this event is held is a world-class arts and learning organisation whose aim is to inspire young people to love and discover film and art.

5.     Unorthodocs at the Screening Room – Somerset House

In the heart of London is Somerset House, which is a spectacular new-classical building which not only boasts of 55 fountains which dance in the courtyard during the hot summer months, and doubles as a skating rink during winter, but is also a world class centre of excellence for culture and art. During summer Somerset House also hosts open air concerts, screenings and art exhibitions along with free guided tours of the magnificent premises. This year, regular screenings are scheduled to be held every alternative Monday. Unorthodocs is a series of screening which will showcase movies from acclaimed directors along with documentaries and Oscar nominated movies as well. The screenings are usually followed up by Q&A sessions from a panel made up of the director and stars of the movie/documentary being filmed.

6.     Pop-Up Screens

Going to outdoor movie screenings is one of the best ways to pass the time in London. Pop-up screens have taken over most parks in London in previous years, and 2016 looks no different. Expect to see them pop up in Hammersmith, Morden and quite a few other places. Mostly starting from July to September, these events are a must-visit mainly because a hanging out in the park is the very definition of summer in London. While the over-all experience at these Pop-Up Screens are great, being held in a park the acoustics take a beating sometimes, so it’s best if you choose to go for a watched again and again flick to increase your open air movie viewing experience.

7.     The Nomad Cinema

Looking for a way to give back to the community? Well, there’s no need not to have a little bit of fun while you’re at it! The Nomad Cinema is a pop up cinema which was first started in 2010 and has grown in to one of the most anticipated film events in London. The Nomad Cinema has earned the distinction of being one of the best open air, pop up cinemas in London and features a much loved selection of great cinema which can be viewed at intriguing screening locations in and around London city. And, according to the organizers, 1005 of the profits go to charity. So, you not only get to enjoy some great movies, but also get to increase your karma points too. Now is that a great deal or what?

So, there you have it, these were just some of the best film events that are scheduled to take place in London in the year 2016. Enjoy!