Learning About Emmerdale Tour 2016

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Emmerdale the TourAbout the Tour

The Emmerdale Tour is now on sale and will provide individuals a detailed and guided tour of the Harewood Estate where Emmerdale is now filmed. There are two types of Emmerdale tour, either visiting locations such as Harewood House where it is currently filmed OR the Yorkshire Dales including Otley, Esholt.

The tour was announced in 2015 and gave people a chance to explore the Yorkshire hills, Bob’s Café, the Woolpack, Home farm and the church.

Total Cost

Our best-selling tour is priced from £145 per person and includes the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Coach travel
  • A ticket for the Emmerdale tour
  • Touring itinerary
  • Services of a tour manager

Frequently Asked Questions About Emmerdale Tour 2016

What should I pack?

Just pack a change of clothes, your camera, and an umbrella.

What should I wear?

You will be travelling on rugged terrain so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Emmerdale The TourWill I visit the actual set?

Yes, on the new tour you will be visiting the actual set!

Is it suitable for physically impaired people?

There will be a lot of walking so this trip is not suitable for physically impaired people.

Will I be allowed to take pictures?

Yes, but the pictures should only be for private use.

When should I take this tour?

It is recommended that you go through the weather forecast before deciding when to visit because the weather in Yorkshire is very unpredictable.

What are the catering facilities in the area?

There is catering at the set, but the choice may be limited.