How to Buy Ticket For Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ World Tour

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2016 is the year of Queen Beyonce as she will be taking a tour across the globe, during her “Formation” tour. Since the star has thousands of friends across the globe, and this will be the main concert event of the year, it will be difficult to get the tickets. Here are some of the ways in which you can buy your tickets for the tour:

Create the Account as Soon as Possible

The first step that you need to take in order to get the ticket is make an account at a ticket selling website, as they generally alert the customers when the tickets go on sale.


You should pre-register your information so that you are amongst the first ones in line to get the tickets. If you are changing your address or credit card, then make sure that you upgrade your information on the website.

Register via a Private Wi-Fi Connection

As soon as you learn that the tickets are on sale, you should log in to your account on a private wi-fi connection as that is faster and will give you an upper hand.

Do Not Use Multi Browsers

It is highly advised that you don’t use multiple browsers to get the ticket, as the computer starts to identify you as a bot and cancels or blocks your account.


Sometimes additional tickets are released at a higher price a few hours before the concert, so make sure that you keep checking.

Information about the Tour in the UK

Here is the information about when the tour will take place in the UK.

  • JUN 28, 2016- In Sunderland at the Stadium of Light
  • JUN 30, 2016- In Cardiff at the Principality Stadium
  • JUL 2, 2016- In London at the Wembley Stadium
  • JUL 5, 2016- In Manchester at the Emirates Old Trafford
  • JUL 7, 2016- In Glasgow at the Hampden Park
  • JUL 9, 2016-In Dublin at the Croke Park