Head for the UEFA Champions League Finals

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Out of the many things that Europeans have in common, the love for football is definitely the most reassuring aspect. The ongoing UEFA Champions League tournament, which involves the best European football teams competing to win the top prize, is perhaps the most important of all sporting events in Europe.

Fans show their excitement for some of the best European league football teams in the world such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, and Atletico Madrid. Even though the Championship league started September last month, you can still join the action by attending future matches, including the finals on 28th August, 2016.

History of Champions League

Prior to being known as Champions League in 1992, the tournament was known as the European Cup or the European Championship Club’s Cup that started in 1955. The European Cup involved stages of team groups and enabled different European countries to partake in the competition to win the cup prize. However, after being rebranded as Champions League, the format underwent a major ovehaul. To make it convenient for each country to represent their club teams, the UEFA rules allowed a maximum of only 4 club teams to be nominated for the tournament.

What makes the UEFA Champions League so competitive and watched by millions of fans is that the winning team goes through the UEFA Super Cup, as well as next FIFA World Cup. This easily makes the Champions League one of the most spectacular football sporting events in the world.

Buy tickets!

Tickets can be purchased in two ways. If you’re supporting your national team playing there, you can either buy single match tickets or a package of your team’s entire matches throughout the tournament. Otherwise, you can access the general public portal to purchase tickets, for which you have to register and create an account.