Go on the Harry Potter tour

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Platform 9/34If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books and the movies, then why not ‘disapparate’ into the magical world of wizards and witches in the famous Harry Potter tour in London? Instead of staying glued to this year’s TV events, why not do something more physical and experience some of the locations that inspired author J.K Rowling to pen her favourite characters and theme plots?

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Taking this studio tour will be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. You can start from the house of the annoying Dursleys and move your way into Diagon Alley and visit the Ollivander’s shop before making your way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Furthermore, you can also enter Dumbledore’s office and view the many artefacts and ornaments put on display, as well as set eyes on the spectacular sight of Hogsmeade grounds and shops.

Harry Potter tour in London and Scotland

In addition to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, you can also visit the places where Hagrid first takes Harry Potter around London. First on this list is the very own King’s Cross railway station where you can see platforms 9 and 10. However, don’t think of ramming right into platform 9 ¾ ; you are a muggle remember!
Going on this tour will prove you just how ‘muggle’ you are when you explore the secret passageways and famous locations such as the Leaky Cauldron entrance and the paths reminiscent of the shady Knockturn Alley. You also get to visit the entrance to the Ministry of Magic, especially where Ron, Harry, and Hermione sneak behind the security by drinking polyjuice potion.

There are also a number of great locations in Scotland that can jog your memories. Take part in the 3-day tour of the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands and picture yourself stopping right at Hogwarts.