Get Tickets for the London 2016 Track Cycling World Championships

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The coming year is a year full of sporting events. One such event is the annual 2016 Track Cycling World Championship taking place in London. The 5-day event is scheduled to take place between the 2nd and 6th of March and is a perfect opportunity for you to attend one of the greatest sporting events held throughout the year. If you reside in London or are planning to visit sometime in March, then the 2016 Track Cycling World Championship is an event you do not want to miss.

History and Information

The origins of cycling world championships date back to 1893. At first, competitions used to be held separately for amateur and professional cyclists from between 1895 and 1993. After this, championship events no longer had separate tournaments, and both amateur and professional cyclists took part together in what became known as ‘open’ races.

The Track Cycling World Championships today are managed by UCI (Union Cyclists Internationale). Cyclists compete in a variety of different cycling competitions, such as individual pursuit, keirin, time trial, points race, team pursuit, individual sprint, team sprint, scratch race, and more.

The championship competitions are held for both men and women.

Ticket information

While tickets for Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, and Friday afternoon are sold out, you can still catch the event by buying tickets for the men’s Thursday afternoon event of the kilometer time trial, as well as the women’s 500 meter time trial on Friday afternoon.

Ticket prices for adults start from £15, there are also special discounts for students and those aged over 60.

The 2016 Track Cycling World Championship event is one of the most spectacular events you will witness in your lifetime, so be sure to hurry and buy tickets if you want to catch some serious sporting action.