Flower Events

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A flower show is a horticultural event. The event usually has a display of the best flowers, beautiful gardens and different activities to engage the audience. Flower shows are commonly organized during the beginning of the spring season. Some of the most trendy flower events are given below:

Chelsea Flower Show

It is often termed as the biggest flower show in the world. It is a completely new way to experience your spring season! The show offers the best opportunities to know about the designs and themes in the niche of flora and fauna. The Chelsea Flower Show is an ideal flower show to visit for those who love flowers, are preparing to learn gardening, and are eager to meet new people. The Chelsea Flower Show is not very expensive either. The entire package includes the return travel by coach, accommodations in a quality hotel with three free meals, transportation within the city along with the tickets. It is a great way to experience the most popularly known, “greatest flower show on earth.”

Hampton Court Flower Show

It is one of the world’s largest annual shows. It is also an excellent option for children as there are many activities for them to participate in. The activities include chunky flower garden, face paintings and fairy games. The event takes place on the ground of Hampton Court Place which makes it fascinating to a whole new level. Britain’s greatest flower show brings all the colors and brightness of the spring with it. It offers activities for children, display of colorful flowers, huge and hush green gardens, amazing music and gardening tips.

Brussels Flower Carpet

The Brussels Flower Carpet is another famous event. The unique feature about this flower show is that instead of every year, it takes place only once in 2 years. It takes place in the Grand Place Square which is colored like a bright butterfly during the event days. The lead flower used in the event is begonia. As many as 300 begonias are used to produce the floral masterpiece for the event. The begonia is preferred due to its long lasting quality. The flowers keep on looking and smelling fresh during the whole event. The begonia comes in various colors and shades and it makes the overall look of the event very vibrant and bright.