Emmerdale Tour – Things You Should Know Before You Go

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Emmerdale ITV has announced that there will be scheduled Emmerdale tours 2016 for fans this summer, where they will get a chance to view the village, pub and the sets that are being used by the team for several years. If you are a huge fan and are thinking about going on an Emmerdale Tour, this article will be of your interest as it will tell you find out things that you never knew about the show.

  1. During the drinking scenes, the cast consumes beer. They are advised to only consume small amounts of alcohol and that too during the takes. Despite all that almost 20 gallons of beer are consumed on the set every week.
  2. A lot of people don’t know this but Emmerdale is the first show ever to receive a British Soap Award for an animal. The award was won by Edna’s dog Bratley.
  3. Jack Sugden is the only member of the original cast and has been doing his role since the past 36 years.
  4. The most watched episode of the show was aired in 1994 and more than 16 million people saw the part when an aeroplane exploded.
  5. The show has a full time gardener who works six weeks in advance in order to make sure that all the flowers bloom in time.
  6. The Post office of Windsor has a National Lottery machine.
  7. The name of the village was changed to Emmerdale from Beckindale in 1994.
  8. Mel G (former Spice Girl) has appeared thrice in the show between 1993 and 1994.
  9. Some of the most famous people to appear on the show include Ross Kemp, Beverley Callard, and Anna Friel.
  10. Seth once received 24 hats in a year and gave most of them away.