Emmerdale Tours- Fury of the Villagers

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Yorkshire DalesA few months ago it was decided that the  Emmerdale Tours would open as tourist attraction for coach tours that will give people a chance to learn more about their favourite show. The local villagers were upset at the idea because according to them the increased crowd will affect the area’s natural beauty.

The show has been running for a few decades now, which is why the Leeds council decided that all the sets and mock homes can be turned into tourist attractions in order to promote coach tours. The locals resisted the idea and said that the increased traffic will affect the place and will harm the local heritage spots. ITV presented its argument and said that the area will in fact benefit from the tours, since they will only be conducted during the weekend and that too for only two to four hours.

According to an ITV spokesperson, the team is working to get permission and is working with Harewood Estate and it will give die-hard fans a chance to actually view the location of their favourite show. The advertisement on the website states that the tours will allow people to explore the village and have a look at the sets that are being used since 1998.

Despite the opposition from the Ramblers’ Association about damage to the beauty of the area, the Leeds City Council approved the proposal and the tours will be conducted from now onwards. If you are interested in the tour, book your tickets right away.