Disneyland Paris – Tips and Tricks

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Disneyland ParisAre you planning a coach trip to Disneyland Paris? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place as the article will discuss top tips and tricks that you should know about.


Disneyland is for all age groups. If you are a parent you go shopping, workout, get pampered at the spa and go for a movie. The kids can enjoy all the rides that are available throughout the park.

When to Go

If you are on a budget, travel via coach on the weekdays and avoid the weekend at all costs because it gets really crowded then. A lot of people say that midweek is the best time because the cues on Wednesdays and Thursdays are shorter and the park queuing time is also less. Furthermore, do not go during the peak seasons that are during Christmas, Easter, and New Years.


Keep the weather in mind before travelling because Paris tends to get really wet and cold during the winter. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Other than this, make sure that you keep a raincoat and wear comfortable shoes.


The hotels inside Disneyland Paris are:

  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe
  • Disney’s Newport Bay Club
  • Disney’s Sequoia Lodge
  • Hotel Cheyenne”
  • Residence Du Parc Val d’Europe


Here are the timings of the different places:

  • The studios open at 9.30 am.
  • Autopia sometimes opens earlier than 10am.
  • Frontierland opens at 10am.

If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you can get in 2 hours earlier than the official opening time, which means that you should try out all the famous rides during this time.

Hopefully these tips will help you out. Have fun!