Cuisines from around the world!

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Have you ever thought of spending your inheritance/savings and taking part in culinary coach holidays for a change to your usual vacation routine? This is exactly what Mary Tetley from Wales did when she chose to spend every single penny of her inheritance on a three-month chocolate trip across Europe! During her tour, she visited some of the finest confectionaries in Belgium, Switzerland and France. I don’t know about you but reading this made us consider what other delectable cuisines can be found when travelling across the globe so here is our list of destinations where your taste-buds will certainly be tickled. Don’t forget to let us know of a country that you have visited where the local cuisine was simply to die for!


For a cuisine that’s quite literally out of this world, why not head on Cuba tours and indulge yourself in an amazing fusion of Spanish, Caribbean and African flavours? When you think of Cuban cuisine, many believe that it is fiery but this is not the case. The majority of dishes tend to be quite hearty and rely heavily on onions and garlic for flavouring. If you’re vegetarian then you may struggle to find suitable dishes other than rice & beans as the Cubans simply love their meat too much whether it’s beef, pork or chicken. As you explore Cuba, you’ll get to try Buñuelos, Caldosa, Carne con papas, Empanadas and Natillas – not forgetting old favourites such as Tamales and Tortillas. For those with a sweet-tooth, you won’t be disappointed as there is an abundance of ice-cream topped with all manner of sauces as well as the traditional ice shavings soaked in sweet syrup to tempt those taste-buds. Whatever dish you try, you’re sure to love Cuban Cuisine right from the start!

Far East

If like me, when considering cuisine from the Far East, you immediately scurry to the kitchen in search of the most recent Chinese takeaway flyer or perhaps you’ll grab a Chinese Meal for two from your local supermarket. Instead, why not sample dishes from the experts whilst exploring the mystical Far East? Here you’ll find a variety of authentic dishes to tingle any taste-bud whether you’re a fan of the Sushi Rolls (cold rice, seaweed, raw fish and vegetables) on Japan coach holidays or join China tours to sample Brit favourite Sweet & Sour Pork amongst many other tantalising dishes – maybe have a go at using chopsticks too! The best way to experience local cuisine whilst backpacking through Thailand would be to head into the streets and grab a culinary bargain as you haggle with the street-sellers. You’ll find that this is a lot cheaper than eating in restaurants and the fare ranges from stir fry favourites to deep fried insects and spiders (should you be feeling brave). Finish off your culinary tour with a few glasses of Sake (national drink of Japan) or Sathu – a traditional rice wine from Thailand – needless to say you’ll not be disappointed!


When thinking of the culinary temptations that France tours have to offer, we tend to immediately think of crusty baguettes filled with amazing cheeses then washed down with a glass or two of wine obtained from local vineyards. But there is much more to France then just those three admittedly great food items. Don’t forget French classics such as Soufflé, Ratatouille, Bouillabaisse, Couscous and Coq au Vin? If you’re feeling brave enough why not try out those little frogs or perhaps an escargot or two…finished off with a mouth-watering dessert such as Crème Brûlée?


Many people know that the Greeks have a zest for good living and this is matched by their healthy Mediterranean
cuisine, I mean who can forget those Olivio adverts? By taking Greece tours you’ll find that their diet is laden with olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and other tantalising vegetables making the Greek kitchen as healthy as can be! So to avoid putting on an extra lb or two during your culinary tour of Greece, why not sample the many delectable dishes on offer from their famous Moussaka and Pilaffs to Baklava – a famous pastry that’s full of nuts and oozing with honey syrup – I bet we’ve got your mouth-watering now?


When we think of curries, most of us will either pay a visit to our nearest takeaway down the road or head to Birmingham (when in the West Midlands) which is known locally as ‘the curry house capital of the UK’! Perhaps on your next travelling adventure, and if budgets will allow, you spend a little time enjoying India tours and sampling dishes the way they should be made. Obviously, there’s Brit favourite Chicken Tikka Masala although the origin of the dish has been cause for dispute with many believing it originated in Punjab during the last 50 years whilst others say it came from one of the first Indian restaurants to open in Soho, London – we’ll leave it to you to decide! Get your teeth around the many exciting dishes available on culinary tours of India from Bhunas and Thali to mouth-watering desserts such as Kulfi (Indian ice-cream) and Chikki (a simple sweet made of peanuts and molasses). As well as sampling the 100s of curries that the country has to offer, don’t forget to accompany your dish with Naan Breads, typical rice dishes seasoned with turmeric, cardamom and pepper and all the other multifaceted flavours of India.


Our neighbours have a cuisine that practically matches our own in terms of tasty food items. I mean, the mere thoughts of traditional Irish Stew, Soder Bread, Potato Bread, Coddle (sausages, bacon, onions & potatoes) and their famous Irish breakfast (which is practically the same as ours apart from small additions such as black & white pudding, cold potatoes and Dubliner cheese) is making me hungry as I write! Why not wash down those delightful dishes with an ice cold pint of Guinness followed by a brisk walk along the River Liffey on Ireland coach holidays?

When Italy tours enter your mind, immediate thoughts are freshly made pasta dishes and endless pizzas consumed in some of the country’s bustling Piazzas. It is most definitely a destination you will want to visit if you love your food and drink. Where else can you experience (apart from cooking at home) mouth-watering dishes such as: Penne Rosé (Penne pasta with tomato sauce & cream), Fesa di Vitello al Limone (Lemony Veal scallops), Saltimbocca alla Romana (cutlets topped with sage and prosciutto) and not forgetting the endless varieties of freshly baked Pizzas, Focaccia breads, Risotto’s, fish dishes and so much more. For something a little sweeter, sample the many unusual ice-cream flavours such as Bounty or Chocolate Chip and not forgetting Italian classics such as Tiramisu and Dolcelatte. Wash all this down with a fine bottle of Italian wine or give those flagging batteries a boost for exploring with a shot or two of Expresso. I don’t know about you but my taste-buds are tingling at the very thoughts!


The country of the fiery Flamenco and passionate Tango also boasts a variety of yummy dishes that all food enthusiasts will enjoy on Spain tours from the famous Paella (a dish originally from Valencia and filled to the brim with rice and practically every imaginable seafood) to Tapas (a selection of smaller dishes when you are hungry but not in the mood for a huge 3 course meal). Other familiar favourites include; Churros (small twisted sweet pastries that will suit any sweet-tooth),Brazo Gitano (Spanish sponge cream-filled roll), Pancakes and Natillas (cold custard and cinnamon). Who could forget their first taste of Jamón Serrano – it’s probably the best ham ever or do you disagree?


I don’t think there is a better place in the world where you can enjoy traditional roast dinners (consisting of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey or Lamb) than in the good ol’ UK. Some may prefer to stay at home and enjoy these meals with family whereas others will head to quintessential English pubs for the traditional Sunday Roast (perhaps to wash it down with a pint or two). As you explore the UK on coach holidays, you’ll find that the cuisine varies depending on whether you’re visiting Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or indeed England. If you can handle the journey to the top of the country, you’ll enter Scotland where traditional dishes include: Haggis (you may not want to research what you’re eating here), Tatties & Neeps (mashed potato with nutmeg, swede and a little ginger), Cullen Skink (a thick Scottish soup) or Stovies (potatoes, onions and cold meat). Cross the border from England to Wales and you’ll find a cuisine that’s as varied as its Celtic history so tickle those taste-buds with exciting dishes such as Bara Ceirch (savoury oatcakes), Cawl (Welsh soup), a rack of lamb on Welsh Onion Cake and not forgetting Welsh Rarebit – a tangy alternative to English cheese on toast! As you can see, in some cases, it’s perhaps better to holiday closer to home and treat your taste-buds to a culinary tour of the UK!

Have we inspired you to think about culinary tours for your next getaway? Where in the world do you think has the best cuisine and why should we visit? We’d love to hear your thoughts!