Soaps Showdown: Corrie Vs. Emmerdale

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With both offering tours to the public and epic events on screen in recent months (helicopter crashes, murders, residents trapped under clutter), all eyes have been firmly cast on Emmerdale and Coronation Street. With Coronation Street The Tour closing its doors for good in December and Emmerdale The Tour allowing fans rare access onto the live filming location at Harewood Estate, demand for both has reached an unprecedented high.

So far bookings for Coronation Street The Tour are at 67% compared to Emmerdale The Tour’s 33%*, but with more Emmerdale dates extending into 2016, there’s a chance for the Dales to gain some ground on the Tour-o-Meter.

But who’s ahead in the drama stakes and where’s the better place to live? With a birth-to-episode rate of 0.50% (37 births in 7,302 episodes) compared to Coronation Street’s 0.45% (39 births in 8,746 episodes) and a lower death-to-episode ratio of 1.5% compared to Corrie’s 1.9%, Emmerdale appears to be the more jovial and certainly safer place to live. One of the benefits of laid back rural life perhaps? Add the number of marriages to the births however, and that tips Corrie towards the happier place at an overall joyous occasion-to-episode rate of 1.55% versus Emmerdale’s joyous occasion-to-episode rate of 1.36%. That of course however does not take into consideration the divorce and same partner re-marriage stats (think Ken and Dierdre Barlow) or lottery wins, which we’re not aware of at the time of writing.

Who has had the most armed robberies and fatal lightning strikes? Who has had a Royal seal of approval? Here’s how the not-so-sleepy village of Emmerdale and the Corrie Cobbles stack up in our very own soaps showdown…

Door2Tour Infographic Corrie vs Emmerdale


Take a look at our video miniguide to Emmerdale here.

*Source – Volume of Bookings between Jul-Sept 2015.