Chelsea Flower Show – The plants’ catwalk

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CrocusThe Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show being held on the 24th – 28th of May 2016 is the most famous garden show around the world since 1912. The event is organized by the Royal Horticulture Society and is held at the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. People from all over Europe visit London annually to be amazed by the horticultural skills in the United Kingdom. The event requires advanced booking through RHS or It can cater to the capacity of 157,000 people which is limited by the 11 acre grounds of the venue.

What’s Interesting?

Well known horticulturists and designers take part in the show to display their creativity and research in the field of Garden designing. New breeds of plants are also introduced in the show along with the revival of historic but popular plants that have been the focus of the horticultural societies. The preview of the show is attended by the British Royal Family as patronage to the Royal Horticultural Society. The show has been popularly compared to a fashion show for plants where new trends are discussed along with forms of design that have never been seen before. The event is heavily covered by BBC and has an annual DVD release for people who cannot make it there.


The show features awards in four grades which include Gold, Silver-gilt, Silver and Bronze where Bronze winners are not handed medals.

The categories for these awards include:

  • Flora: Gardens and floral Exhibits
  • Hogg: Trees Exhibits
  • Knightian: Vegetables and Herbs Exhibits
  • Lindley: Scientific or Special Educational Exhibits
  • Grenfell: Photographs, Pictures, floristry and floral arrangement exhibits
  • Special Awards include:
    • Best show Garden Award
    • Best Courtyard Garden Award
    • Best City Garden Award
    • Best Chic Garden Award
    • RHS juniors Display Trophy
    • RHS Sundries Bowl
    • RHS Floristry Trophies
    • RHS Floral Arrangement Trophies
    • RHS President’s Award
    • Certificates for Junior Displays
    • Show Certificates of Merit