Celebrity coach holiday dream team

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The recent series of ‘Celebrity Coach Trip’ was a huge success with plenty of ups and downs, tears and tantrums culminating in five dramatic eliminations. The overall winner was Katie Price’s pals, Gary & Phil with former Big Brother stars Brian & Spencer coming a close second. With this in mind, it got us to thinking who we would like to share coach holidays with if we had the chance to create our own Dream Team of people alive or dead. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it has been to think of just six people for our Dream Team but with a lot of researching and careful thought, this is what we’ve come up with….

Peter Kay
There are so many fabulous comedians out there but after watching his latest dvd this weekend, Peter Kay, just had to feature in our Coach Holiday Dream Team. The main reason for choosing him was because he can keep us entertained making the journey more enjoyable. I think we might need to take something to ease our sides from all the laughing we will be doing. It could also be interesting to find out whether he is always this cheerful or whether there is a dark side to him?

Gary Barlow
We think the only reason why Gary Barlow features in our Coach Holiday Dream Team is because the majority of the girls in this office idolise him (mainly for his good looks)! He would be able to provide the music and regale tales of what happened when he was in Take That in the early days before they hit the big time. From seeing him on TV and in interviews, Gary appears to be quite a witty guy with a dry sense of humour so he could be an entertaining asset to our Team. If we were feeling brave, we could also test the waters and see if he would spill the beans about that momentous occasion when he met up with Robbie Williams for the first time in 15 years and what really made them decide to get back together?

Princess Diana
Trying to think of celebrities alive or dead to feature in our Celebrity Coach Holiday Dream Team has been quite challenging as there are so many people we wanted to travel with and to limit it to just six has been a nightmare but after careful consideration we thought it could be quite interesting to travel with Princess Diana. We could find out from her what it was like being part of the institution that is the Royal Family and see if she’ll provide a little gossip of what would go on behind the scenes at the Palace. There were so many conspiracy theories regarding the accident in Paris so it’d be interesting to hear her side of the story and what really happened on that fateful day. Listening to her tales about life as Prince Charles’ wife would also be intriguing to hear.

Queen Elizabeth I
We think that this would be another interesting person to have on-board as we believe her tales of life growing up as King Henry VIII’s daughter and becoming the first female British monarch would be fascinating to hear. We’d be able to find out whether it was difficult for her views to be heard in what was a predominantly a male world, what were her reasons behind the Spanish Armada and why she decided that she would never marry? We believe listening to these tales that shaped our history will make the coach journey simply disappear in a flash!

Ant & Dec
Again, these guys would be able to entertain us throughout the journey but it would also be quite interesting to find out whether they are always this cheerful or if they have any grumpy days. It’d be great to try and find out some gossip about the various celebrities that they have worked with particularly on The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Also, when they are on TV, it always looks like these two get on all the time but we wonder whether this rapport continues as soon as the cameras stop rolling, having them on our Dream Team will enable us to find out for sure!

William Shakespeare
Some of us have always held a passion for the English Language and literature in particular which is why our final guest in our Coach Holiday Dream Team has to be William Shakespeare who is deemed by many as one of the greatest writers of our time. He would be a great asset if we were having difficulty sleeping on our journey as he would be able to read to us one of his famous works. Also, it would be quite interesting to hear his thoughts regarding a recent film called ‘Anonymous’ that claims that William Shakespeare never wrote any of his famous plays or sonnets – it was actually someone else!

If you too had the chance to share coach holidays with anyone (dead or alive) who would you choose and why would you choose them?