Andre Rieu Tickets 2016

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The Dutch violinist specialist and genius, Andre Rieu is an internationally acclaimed and visionary musician. Renowned for his work on classical themed jazz and waltzes, he along with his famous Stradivarius violin have set out to create live master pieces … Continued

Andre Rieu Events

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Listening to classical jazz has never been as easy to the ears as the legendary violinist Andre Rieu makes it. Stirring those chords, the maestro is renowned for making the air itself brim with musical life and energy. Hailing from … Continued

The Big 6 -Top Concert Events of 2016

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What’s all that racket? Oh, it’s just your favourite bands and musicians making their way to a stage near you. If you’re living or visiting London and its surrounding areas this year, these are some of the live gigs that … Continued

Top Art Exhibitions in London

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When it comes to show events, it is highly recommended that one goes to the art exhibitions in London. John Hoyland: Power Stations – Paintings 1964-1982 The exhibition consists of the work of the great artists. The exhibit consists of … Continued

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