Best Outdoor Cinemas in London

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LondonWith a growing number of open spaces, parks and roofs opening up their doors to entertain an enthusiastic crowd, London is fast turning into a movie buff’s dream city. Thanks to the specially organized outdoor film events that take place all across London during the summer, now movie lovers no longer need to watch their favourite flick all cooped up in their homes. If you’re looking to add a little bit of adventure to your movie watching then the following are some of the venues that will scratch your cinema itch.

Somerset House Film Summer Screen

The Somerset House Film Summer Screening is where you get to experience new-classical architecture along with some very impressive courtyard seats at the gorgeous Somerset House. Visitors get to soak up the summer sun while they wait for their favourite flicks to start. Screening is usually not until 9pm so there will also be an opportunity for some star gazing as well.

The Nomad

Since the Nomad has opened its doors five years ago, the cinema has now found its way to over 18 venues across the city of London. Some of the most popular locations for screenings include Fulham Place, Belgrave Square and Kensington’s Brompton cemetery, which makes for a surreal experience.

Pop-Up Screens

Pop-Up Screens are going on 4 years now and is only growing in popularity. The Pop-Up Screens are famous for their idyllic park locations which bring in large crowds each year. The venues also serve drinks and popcorn and all the fast food you can munch on while you enjoy your favorite movie with friends and family. Since they don’t provide any seating at the venues you might want to bring along a deck chair with you to be comfortable.

So, these were some of the options available for film events in London that deserve a visit if you’re living in the city or just passing through.