Sporting Events

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Every year, numerous sporting events take place around the world. Some are very famous while others are not that well known. To be a part in any of the huge sporting events is a dream for many travellers. Some of … Continued

Facts about Chelsea Flower Show

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The Chelsea Flower Show 2016 is just round the corner, so here are a few facts about it that you will find interesting: Fact #1 The Royal Horticulture Society was formed back in 1804 and the show was originally known … Continued

Ocean Cruise

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The ocean cruise is among the oldest type of voyages. There is no other type that even comes close to this kind of enthralling experience. The trip usually provides a great value for money as the experience is truly priceless. … Continued

How to Stay Safe at Concert Events

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Here are some of the top safety tips that you should know about if you will be attending concert events: Check out the Venue In order to be safe, it is recommended that you checkout the venue before the concert. … Continued

Top 5 Film Events in London

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London has a lot to offer when it comes to film events. That’s not just a statement, each month is peppered with screenings and other events which movie enthusiasts look forward to. The following are some of the events for … Continued

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