Attend the 2016 Tour de France

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If you live in UK or Europe, then you have the opportunity to witness a variety of exciting sporting events. One of these is none other than the spectacular 2016 Tour de France. It is one of the most prolific … Continued

The X Factor London Tour 2016

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In case you have forgot, Louisa won X Factor by getting 53% of the vote just a few weeks ago, and with her enormously huge voice, she was a worthy winner. But before her career officially kicks off fans will … Continued

Best Outdoor Cinemas in London

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With a growing number of open spaces, parks and roofs opening up their doors to entertain an enthusiastic crowd, London is fast turning into a movie buff’s dream city. Thanks to the specially organized outdoor film events that take place all across … Continued

Facts on the Chelsea Flower Show 2016

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The term “garden” basically stands for ways of organizing plants, earth, art, and sometimes even people in such a way as to make them both artistically and aesthetically pleasing. Each year, the famous grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are opened up to the … Continued

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