Andre Rieu – What has he been up to?

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Andre Rieu in the UKAndre Rieu is one of the most sought after violinists and is mainly known for creating his waltz playing orchestra titled Johann Strauss Orchestra. Nicknamed King of the Waltz, the violinist has played to crowds bigger than Beyoncé and Take That. Andre’s entrances usually leave quite the impact on the audience, regardless of their age and gender. That orchestra is not an ordinary one either. It’s so grand, it consists of about 60 pieces – now, that’s no joke.

Leading the grand orchestra in an effortless and informal way, Andre’s music makes his audience sway and swoon involuntarily. Not only is he the master of the orchestra, he also designs the costumes of everyone on stage, which just adds the remaining drama to the act. Back in the year 2014, his world tour broke the previously made records of Metallica, Beyoncé, and Ed Sheeran. It’s an absolute delight watching him perform. In 2016, he continues his world tour, playing his fans’ favourite numbers, all around the world.

The dates are spread throughout the year, making it easy for anyone who wants to join in. Or just follow him around the world! But if you’re anywhere in UK, you’re in utmost luck, because starting in April 2016, Andre and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will be performing in stadiums all around you, so stay tuned till dates and venues are posted so that you can conveniently attend one or more of his concerts.

Even though his concerts are the epitome of extravagance, if you’re in luck to experience Andre Rieu in UK, and traveling by coach will benefit you in more than a few ways:

  • It’s close by, so you don’t have to wait hours and hours or worry about the time change.
  • Costs way less than the amount you may have had to pay for airfare.
  • Do you need more reasons?