A holiday with a difference

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Almost everyone has been on a package holiday at some point during their lives but has the subject of unusual holidays ever crossed your mind? Strangely enough but you can find many organised coach tours that will allow you to experience things that you wouldn’t normally think of doing for a holiday such as storm-chasing, living life as a Mongol Warrior or entering a cage to swim with Great White Sharks. There are experiences for everyone and fully escorted tours are the perfect way to achieve this. Take a look at just some of the activities you could take part in on a holiday with a difference…

For a thrill you might never experience before, it’s time to consider a storm-chasing tour for your next holiday. Many tours provide the opportunity to travel across a number of states throughout the USA in vehicles that are equipped with mobile broadband data connections, up-to-date radar software and other communications equipment so that when a tornado is due to hit, your guides will be the first to know and will take you to the action – at a safe distance of course! The team that accompanies you are highly experienced in every facet of storm-chasing and they have the best results in finding severe storms and tornadoes. In most cases each tour experiences supercell thunderstorms and lightening shows at night. On some occasions and when weather conditions warrant, tornadoes will form and you will find that your guides will follow them until they dissipate. You’ll probably find that your tour guide will take you as far as necessary to have the best chance of tornado viewing and this area will cover: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Eastern Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Easter Montana, Eastern Wyoming, Missouri, Wisconsin Minnesota and other Midwestern states.

Shark cage diving
If you’re a fan of all things related to ‘Jaws’ and the magnificent Great White Shark, you definitely should consider tours to South Africa for your next big adventure. Great white shark cage diving at Gansbaai and Cape Town in South Africa promises to offer you the greatest thrill that you’ll ever experience. You will head to famous ‘Shark Alley’, a stretch of water that’s located between the mainland and Dyer Island off Gansbaai, and wait as members of the crew rummage for some tasty titbits (such as tuna and fish oil) and create a ‘chum trail’ to attract these awesome predators of the deep. Did you know that sharks can smell 1 part of blood in 1 million parts of water but obviously the shark will have to swim through the ‘chum trail’ in order to get the scent. Then the waiting game begins for that first shark to appear. As soon as it does, you’ll get ready to enter the cage. Don’t worry if your nerves fail you at the last minute, there’s no pressure to get into the cage, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy these magnificent creatures of the deep in their natural habitat whilst in the safety of the boat. If you do decide to brave it and go in, you can be rest assured that you can get out of the cage at any time and the crew will quickly help you out.

Desert Adventures
If you’re someone who likes to experience the adrenalin rush of a holiday with a difference then desert adventures could be the next trip for you to consider. Head out to Oman which is well-known for its wadi’s, deserts, beaches and mountains and remains as one of the more traditional countries of Arabia. Enjoy scenic treks through fascinating scenery, search for scorpions with your Bedouin Guide, hop on a mountain bike or take a ride by camel or kayak for a journey with a difference. Cross the famous Snake Canyon by Via Ferrata, trek the stunning Balcony Walk in Oman’s Grand Canyon or enjoy a camel safari with Bedouin hosts and camp out under the stars. There’s plenty of time to explore the magnificent coastline too so grab your snorkelling gear and head out into the waves in search of dolphins and whales. You can also soak up the history, culture and atmosphere of Oman’s previous capital cities with visits to the vibrant souks and hearing stories from your Bedouin hosts. For the real adrenalin-hunters, dare to do the ‘Majlis al Jinn’ where you descend by rope into the second largest cave chamber in the world and prepare to be awe-struck!

Become a Mongol Warrior
For something completely different, why not head out to Mongolia and live the life of a Mongol Warrior under Gengis Khan who conquered most of the known world and rightfully earned the reputation as one of the great military leaders of all time. Your time will be spent learning about what made this the greatest military empire in the world. You’ll wear traditional dress and learn a variety of skills to include archery, cooking, shaman rituals, ancient folklore and military tactics. Make friends and sip traditional salted tea with the nomadic Mongolian herders during a two day horseback adventure riding across the plains.

Experience life in the Arctic Circle
Here’s a truly original experience where you can assist the Saami people of Finnmark on their annual reindeer migration inside the Arctic Circle – a tradition that has taken place since time began. This event is only open to a small group of people and provides an intimate glimpse into the ancient Saami culture which focuses upon the connection to the earth and all living things. Taking part in the reindeer migration means eating, sleeping and breathing like a Saami person. The adventure begins in Kirkenes (Northern Norway) close to the Russian border and it is here where you will be fully trained in the working methods of the Saami people and learn how they guide their reindeer herds. You will be required to participate at all times and you’ll be living close to the reindeer, assisting when necessary. You will be moving and sleeping as and when the Saami people do and this could mean long hours and little sleep for up to 5 days. As you will be holidaying with the elements, determination and physical stamina will be required and a sense of humour is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to take part in this journey!

Have you tried any of these amazing experiences? What did you think? Is there something we’ve missed that you feel everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime?