7 upcoming Military Events you wouldn’t want to miss in 2016

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Military events are some of the best events to look forward to every year. These events invite some of the biggest names in the militaries of numerous countries and offer plenty of networking opportunities for you to explore the needs and challenges of different stakeholders. More importantly, they offer excellent opportunities for you to know about the latest trends and changes in the industry and also allow you to anticipate what the trends will be in the next 5 and 10 years.

The following are a list of the top 7 military events you should look forward to in 2016.


  • International Military Helicopter 


This spectacular event, taking place on 18th January, 2016, in Park Plaza, Victoria, is perhaps one of the most important military events. It is an annual general meeting of the helicopter community worldwide, which involves bringing together more than 150 Chiefs of Army Staff, air procurement heads, helicopter commander operations, as well as executives from the industry to explore some of the challenges and future directions of the use of helicopters.

The event will comprise of more than 30 presentations, a representation of more than 28 countries, and hours of networking opportunities. The main conference will take place between 18th and 19th January followed by an Integration and Interoperability Focus Day on 20th January.


  • Cyber Defense and Network Security 2016 


This is another event that you can attend to explore some of the latest tech and tools in combating cyber crime. The event is organised in order to raise awareness of the joint-effort of multiple countries to better detect and prepare for cyber crimes. The event showcases the best of national and international strategies on cyber defense and also allows you the opportunity to gain valuable insights from the industry.

If you are an owner of a business or a startup company in the tech industry, this could be an excellent way for you to gain hands-on information on business security. At the event, you will find how different nations are training staff to better prepare for a variety of malicious software programs, viruses, and other more advanced tactics used by hackers. The event will also be a platform to learn about the concerns about new developments in the industry, such as the Internet of Things, BYOD, and a lot more.

The Cyber Defense and National Security 2016 event will take place between 19th and 22nd January, in Kensington Close Hotel in London. Be sure to register for the event as quickly as possible if you want to benefit from the event.


  • International Armoured Vehicles  


Taking place in Twickenham Stadium from 25th to 28th January in London, the International Armoured Vehicles event will demonstrate how nations will be utilising armoured vehicles in their campaigns to counter regional conflicts, such as in Iraq, Syria, as well as against Daesh. The event will be represented by more than 50 nations and 200 decision makers from the military. It will also consist of over 45 speakers, in addition to more than 50 sponsors.

This event will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of some of the biggest challenges faced in the on-ground military capabilities and how the armoured vehicles can be adapted to better suit the requirements of the 21st century.


  • Surface Warships 


The Surface Warships event scheduled on 26-28 January exhibits the best in maritime naval technologies and solutions for the 21st century. Taking place in the Romanian city of Bucharest, the event will demonstrate the best of marine technology including sonars, radars, artillery systems, missile systems, and a lot more. The Surface Warships event is ideal for those who want to gain knowledge of the latest developments by familiarising themselves with the technology roadmap.


  • Military Balance 


The Military Balance event schedule on 9th February in Arundel House in London will launch the book by the same name that contains a comprehensive assessment of the capabilities and defence spending of 171 national militaries. The book contains a detailed account on each national military’s number of personnel, defense statistics, demographic and economic data pertaining to the military, and much more.

The Military Balance also features a thorough analysis of regional dynamic, namely the conflicts taking place in the Middle East, as well as the issues surrounding western nations.


  • International Military Engineering 


An another military event to look out for this year is the International Military Engineering event taking place in Kensington Close Hotel, London between 23rd and 24th of February. The event is organised to familiarise the best of the modern military engineer by focusing on their changing role to face the many challenges and requirements of the military.

Sponsored by the CDCS (Capability Directorate Combat Support), the event will explore how their £1 billion spending on combat support areas will culminate in the next decade. This event has multiple benefits for those attending, such as being among the first to hear about UK’s priorities in upgrading combat support functions, interacting with customers and different stakeholders through networking, and understanding the key strategies for successful operations.


  • Defense Logistics 


The Defense Logistics event taking place between 23 and 25 February in London Marriott Hotel in London will attempt to address the many logistical challenges of militaries in spearheading their armed campaigns and also present solutions.

The event is organised to raise importance of supply chain efficiencies as military will now ever become more dependent on faster lead times, superior product qualities, alternative logistical routes, and logistical support services. The 13th annual event will also invite large defense manufacturers, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of some of the challenges faced by different stakeholders and IT and other technological developments can contribute to the solution. You will also get a big picture of where the military budgets are heading towards in the next couple of years and have the chance to converse with both military and civilian logisticians via roundtable discussions and networking opportunities.